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- How did it start?
- So how are you doing?
- How much does it cost to register?
- What other clubs do I have to join?
- What other associations is there?
- What cars are eligible for P8RS?
- Is it a good place to start racing?
- Is it competitive?
- How do I sign up?
- How do I start racing with P8RS?
- How do I obtain a race license?
- How do I prepare a car?
- How to prepare yourself
- How much will it cost?

What is Project 8 Racing Saloons?

It’s a not-for profit two wheel drive saloon car race series for cars where the model was marketed prior to 1st Jan 1994. Cars from any other Toyo supported series or championship may also enter, either for the season or on an ad-hoc basis.

This is a series aimed at delivering close competition within classes, with strict enforcement of driving standards and properly policed eligibility.
How did it start?
With a number of drivers increasingly dissatisfied with the cost, race duration and awards on offer from the existing clubs. Primarily it was seen that running less than optimum grids was responsible for the high cost and it was obvious that the way in which costs could be reduced was by fielding full grids and minimising the associated administrative overheads. This is what P8RS is aiming to achieve.

So how are you doing?
Pretty well we think. Race entry fees are around £225 for a qualifying session and two 20 minute races (there are some differences between circuits.) We have over 100 registered competitors thus far with more joining weekly.

How much does it cost to register?
£100 for the year. However, If you’d like to try us out before deciding we offer a £20 day membership, payable in addition to your entry fee for the meeting. The same situation exists for other Toyo supported series drivers wanting to do occasional P8RS races.

What other clubs do I have to join?
None, unless you wish to race outside of TTRS. TTRS have, through their PBMW Cup partners, included MSA registration within your fees.

What is the association with the PBMW Championship, SELOC and Lotus on Track?
Both series are pursuing the same objectives. The organising committee is drawn from enthusiast drivers in the PBMW Championship and those in P8RS. Many PBMW drivers enter P8RS races, in their own P8RS class, to take advantage of even more low cost racing. Working together provides us with a larger population and helps us to deliver the full grids necessary to ensure that we deliver exceptional value race fees. We also get on very well together and enjoy socialising in and around the paddock.

SELOC are extraordinarily generous hosts for our website and discussion forum. PBMW was originally formed from SELOC members wanting to race but not wanting to risk
their Loti.

Lotus on Track, whose founder was the originator of PBMW and Elise racing series blazed the value for money trail and is our inspiration. They have also provided valuable assistance and advice, along with generous expertise with the creation of our website.

What cars are eligible for P8RS?
Generally saloon cars from the Pre-94 era with limited engine and suspension modifications, glass windows and standard bodywork. Full regulations can be found here. The regulations are intended to produce close racing throughout the field.

Is it a good place to start racing?
Absolutely! The P8RS field comprises people who are new to racing and seasoned competitors. The atmosphere is friendly and helpful, and so provides a welcoming atmosphere for those new to the sport.

Is it competitive?
The front of the P8RS grid is filled with multiple race and championship winners in various well prepared cars. Racing is close, competitive and fast paced. However, in the words of one race winning driver referring to the driving of his peers, “This is the first season for years I’ve had zero panel damage.”

How do I sign up?
Click here for the registration form. Once registered, you will be sent your entry forms and you are in. Hope to see you soon!

Start Racing with the P8RS
New competitors have an array of options open to them to race their car. Uniquely however, the P8RS offers three major benefits to ensure we can offer the
best all round package;

1. Race entry fees. We are not for profit and run by the drivers for the drivers. Consequently our entry fees are amongst the lowest in the country - £225 for a
two race format meeting for example.

2. Close competitive racing but with strictly enforced driving standards to eliminate the expensive door banging you’ll see in other series.

3. A friendly and helpful atmosphere to help guide you through the new routine.

Getting Ready
Obtaining a race license

1. You will need a Go Racing pack from the Motor Sports Association (MSA). (Tel:01753 681736). www.msauk.org

2. Arrange with your Doctor to have the medical as detailed in the application form.

3. Work through your pack instructions and complete your ARDS test. This is a course at an Approved Racing School, followed by an exam, after which you will be granted your MSA racing license.

Preparing the Car
You are now at a fork in the road. You can either buy an existing car, or build your own. If you are new to the sport it’s almost certainly an easier option to buy an existing car, as you don’t need to spend any more money on it until you can beat the previous drivers times! You should also make sure that you take a knowledgeable person with you to make sure the car is sound.

Sources for cars are the club’s own advertisements, or specialist sites such as www.racecarsdirect.co.uk

If you choose to prepare your own race car, the “Blue book” you will have received from the MSA will tell you what you need to do. The P8RS regulations are effectively laid on top of this “Blue Book” to complete the regulatory picture.

As a minimum you will need a roll cage to “Blue book” specifications, racing seats and harnesses, master cut offs, fire extinguisher and more.

Preparing the Driver
The driver will require an MSA approved racing suit and helmet as a minimum there are other items of safety clothing which may be advisable but are down to drivers personal preference. It is wise to buy the best you can afford with these items.

As a guide, good overalls can be purchased for around £300, and a helmet for the same. Ensure they carry the correct labels for MSA approval prior to purchase.

The checking of the driver's racewear will occur in safety scrutineering on race day so remember to take them with you. If your helmet is unused, take a pound coin and if the scrutineer approves your helmet after a check for knocks and scrapes, he will swap your pound for a sticker to go on your helmet. This sticker is then checked as you form on the grid to ensure all drivers are wearing the correct helmets.

The Cost of Racing

Once you’ve acquired your race license, your car, and you’ve registered for the P8RS you’ll receive your entry forms and then you’re ready to race!

Each race entry will cost you roughly £125 and will include qualifying and a race. You’ll also have to factor in a tow car and trailer (unless you’re a brave person wishing to drive their car to the meetings*). Over and above that you’ll have the costs of preparing your car which will vary greatly according to the type of car and state of tune.

P8RS regulations are designed to produce close competitive racing at the minimum cost. Our entry fees are amongst the lowest in motorsport.

Be warned though, racing has been likened to an addiction rather than a sport.. Whatever happens you’re guaranteed quite a high once the race starts!











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